Leather Care Policy


This product is made of genuine leather hide. The leather will soften over time and the natural grain will become more pronounced with age and use, as natural characteristic of leathers. Some leathers may have natural marks, cuts or creases which are the unique characteristics that make your product one and only.


Care Products

Obbi Good Label recommends using Les Travaux Leather Care products for maintaining the leather products. Applying Les Travaux Mink Cream can ensure long-lasting usage for your leather products.


Care Instructions

  • If your leather gets wet, remove any residual water with paper towel and allow to dry naturally. After which, do a maintenance by applying leather oil/cream on your leather to nourish it.
  • Marks may appear on the leather surface and with age the finish may start to dull. This is just a sign of a well-loved leather and its unique characteristic.
  • Please be aware that dark-coloured fabric dyes (such as denim) can transfer onto light-coloured leathers, especially natural vegetable-tanned leathers. Colour transfer/Bleeding is not covered under the Obbi Good Label Care policy. In fact, it is the most natural way of lifestyle we like to embrace.
  • Please take care when using leather bags/straps with dark-coloured suede or fabric lining as these materials can cause colour transfer to light-coloured fabric or objects.


Obbi Good Label Care Policy

Obbi Good Label takes great pride in the design and craftsmanship of all its products. We seek to use only the finest materials and the highest manufacturing standards. We strive to make sure every item we sell is perfect.

In the unlikely event that a Obbi Good Label product does not match up to our standards, we will try our best to address the problem.

In the event that a defect in materials or workmanship is found in your Obbi Good Label product within one month of purchase, you can return it with proof of purchase to our worldwide stockists listed on our website. Or, you can contact us directly through email for return/repairs.

If the damage is due to normal wear and tear (as laid out in the card care), inappropriate use or simply an accident, it will not be covered under our return/repair policy.

Damage due to mishandling by airlines or airports should be reported before leaving the terminal to the relevant authority as they may be liable for replacement costs. Such damage is not covered by our repair policy but we will be happy to provide a quote for repair (if it is repairable).


Should you have any questions, please contact us using the contact form in this website.