Founded by Kenichi Shiotani and Koji Shiotani in Osaka(Japan) in 1995, Warehouse Co. has since developed and matured its brand around their own theme and motto; “The faithful reproduction of authentic vintage garments”.


While the majority of the industry has relied on fast retailing fashion, Warehouse Co. has adamantly fixated their focus on producing vintage garments that are extensively-detailed, uncompromising on quality and workmanship. The reasons they are able to achieve these aspects is due to their heavy involvement in the production phase of their products.


From the yarn of the fabrics, to the miniscule sewing details such as the stitching, till their specialised washing processes. Warehouse Co. constantly tries to recreate and perfect their garments, bringing forth their own versions of denim jeans, flannels, loopwheeled tops, leather and varsity jackets; infusing them with authentic vintage details from the good ‘old americana’ days.


With their ever-popular signature “LOT 1001” & “LOT 1000” jeans, they have garnered a distinct reputation with customers all over the world, both new and recurring customers! Warehouse Co. has also created several sub-labels: Hellers Café, Dubbleworks and Brown-Duck & Digger. Collaborations with various other brands has helped to widen their vision as well! These actions have allowed them to cater a more diverse line-up of American-style denim & casual workwear pieces outside of their main brand.


Tuckshop & Sundry Supplies has stocked LOT 1000 (one wash) jeans which will be coming up to online real soon!


Warehouse Co has reintegrated their knowledge and created garments that rival American workwear, a truly remarkable feat. Without a doubt, the Shiotani brothers have certainly fixated their place in the Japanese denim scene!


With that being said, our online store currently has got Warehouse tops available. 

This Vintage-style sweat shirt is one of our favourite!


Do check out their individual products on their brand page here!