Stevenson Overall Clothing arriving soon!

Stevenson Overall Clothing arriving soon!

We might be a little late to be recieving Stevenson Overall Clothing's S/S15 products. But who cares! 

Good things always come late... and what's more, in tropical weather like Singapore, what is winter???

Anyway, Tuckshop & Sundry Supplies is already stocking the renowed SOC's La Jolla 727 and Ventura 737. Arriving this month in Singapore we will see a good amount of amazing tops and adding styles of bottoms.


One of the staple models of Stevenson Overall Clothing is the OLD GLORY 940, in production since 2013. We will be stocking the Indigo Chino Twill version.

This material is a replicate vintage fabric and washed once to give a little distressed look.


Another bottom we like is the PIONEER 209 model, in charcoal stripe. It is a wide leg, deep rise, classic style.

Made from high density dobby cloth, 100% cotton. Of course, suspender buttons!


For tops, as always, Stevenson Overall Clothing never cease to create decorative and high workmanship shirts. The details on their shirts are always a joy to admire.

However, we will not be disclosing the pictures here, but leave some room for imagination...

What we will show is the rib-knitwear in short sleeve. It is light-weight, made of 85% cotton and 15% linen. With the linen content, you know it will be very suitable for Singapore, especially during the rainy year-end.


Expecting to arrive this week, or next. And please follow our channels closely to keep yourself updated.

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*All pictures on this post taken from SOC official website.