Obbi Good Label Shell Cordovan

Obbi Good Label Shell Cordovan

Speaking of Shell Cordovan Leathers, they are the top of the range and finest leather in the world. Traditionally used for shoe making, we are seen a rise in small leather goods made from Shell Cordovan Leathers.

Some people might not know it, Shell Cordovan leather are obtain from the fibrous flat muscle (Shell) underneath the skin on the rump of a horse. These leathers take around six months to process until the final shell. Thus, making them premium and rare.

In year 2014, Obbi Good Label began importing Shell Cordovan from USA, venturing to add these premium leathers into their leather goods collection. By the end of 2014, the first Shell Cordovan made by Obbi Good Label takes form in a Bi-Fold wallet for men.

Brave S/S 2015 Fly Bifold Wallet using USA Shell Cordovan Leather in Whiskey colour


Released in the Spring of 2015, the feedback for these leathers were amazing and people ask for more. They are smooth and dense, coupled with a vibrant colour tone, leather goods made from Shell Cordovan are not just eye candy. You can actually feel and acknowledge that these leathers are going to be a lifetime products.


So in 2015, Obbi Good Label tested out a variety of Shell Cordovan tanneries and favour the Japanese Shell Cordovan (Shinki Hikaku) more because they are lighter and natural grains are more prominent.

Brave S/S 2016 Signature Mid Wallet using Japanese Shell Cordovan Leather in Whiskey colour


The Japanese's obsession with quality are what makes their leathers exquisite. Their production time for orders took around nine months to fulfill, but it was worth the wait.

This season's release of the BRAVE 2016 S/S Leather Collections are made in matching colour sets - a wallet, a swivel keypouch, a coinpouch. The idea is to have a complete set of high quality leather goods that can used daily and compliment with your dress code easily.

Brave S/S 2016 Leather Goods Collection using Japanese Shell Cordovan Leather


Apart from the above products, a series of bundstrap for watches are also readily available in 20mm lug size. 

Inspired by the original German Air Force designed bundstrap in the 1930s, the design are actually functional than just a pretty feature. You can read more in our BRAVE by Obbi Good Label section.

Brave S/S 2016 Watch Bundstrap Set using Japanese Shell Cordovan Leather


On BRAVE S/S 2016 Shell Cordovan Leather Goods, you will find that all the products are stamped with,


This is the vouching promise that this collection is made from top notch Shell Cordovan leathers with high quality of workmanship that is on luxurious level.


All of the collection are now available in our retail store and online shop here. We would welcome you to drop by, feel and be amazed these leathers.