Introducing Les Travaux Leathercare

Introducing Les Travaux Leathercare

Introducing LES TRAVAUX Leathercare creams might seems to come a little late. This is because, since officially showcased during beginning of the year at Selvedge Run 2016 Winter, we want to allow some time for the creams to take effect on users' leather goods, gain more feedback/reviews before we talk about it.

And the time is now.

LES TRAVAUX Leathercare is a subsidiary brand under Obbi Good Label, Handmade Leather Goods, a separate service department that deals with the maintenance and servicing for any type of leathers. Leathercare, leather-grooming are take care by LES TRAVAUX team. 

While there are steps and techniques to understand regarding leather-grooming and caretaking, the creams/oils are the basics to start off with. Just like dress shoes grooming, you need good polishing creams and patience to achieve impeccable shine.


In January 2016, Obbi Good Label did their first demostration in Berlin, Selvedge Run Winter. Showing the European retailers and buyers the results that can be produced instantly after applying LES TRAVAUX leather creams on their leather goods.

The feedback was highly motivating. People were surprised by the instantaneous outcome of how the creams can produced when applied on their leather wallets, leather jackets, leather bags, or even boots.

Especially talked about, was LES TRAVAUX Grooming Cream when it was applied on leather jackets. 

LES TRAVAUX Grooming Cream is a leathercare dressing that produce a fantastic hand feel on your treasured leather pieces while maintaning its softness. Due to its characteristic of producing nice, warm touch on your leather pieces, applying them regularly on leather jackets or wallets not only gives them the shine but also amazing feel when you touch them. And the citrus scent on the grooming cream is definitely a plus point on garment like leather jacket.

Above are demostrations done on personal leather jackets and wallet (Poland retailer: Fasterdogs)


Nick Clements (Men's File Magazine)

Atsushi Matsushima (Clutch Magazine)


Of the people offering their leather pieces for demos, they are mostly renowned European retailers and even editors from Clutch magazine and Men's File who gave their good reviews on LES TRAVAUX leathercare creams. 


When leathercare is concern, regular oiling must never be compromised. And there is actually no lack of supply for oiling products for leather goods. But which one is suitable?

Obbi Good Label, who has got years of experience operating with various types of leathers, has tried almost all of the oil/cream available in the market. They found that the differences between the various types of oil/creams are very slight. From mink to neatsfoot to obenauf, the results are pretty much the same, all does their great job in extending leather life and keeping the leather healthy.

Now, what makes LES TRAVAUX Mink Oil different from the rest is the application. The ease of applying, the smoothness of the cream and no untidy application are what LES TRAVAUX Mink Oil edge out while still providing top-notch maintenance. Of course, the travel pack of 50gram LES TRAVAUX Mink Oil comes in really useful while maintaining your leather pieces overseas.

Applying Les Travaux Mink Oil for Blacksign's owner - Taka-san

Demostrating oiling steps to one of VMC's owner - Freddy

After applying Les Travaux Mink Oil on HTC Belt for Zip Stevenson


All LES TRAVUX Leathercare creams comes in 2 variation of quantity - 50gram Travel pack, 150gram Home Maintenance. 

The 50gram Travel Pack for Mink OIl, Polishing Cream and Grooming Cream are perfect combinations when you travel overseas. They solve the problem of traveling into countries of different climates, whether wet, humid, dry, rainy... These leathercare Travel Pack can take care of all and restore the leather to original state.

Suitable for almost all types of leather and not limited to only wearable items, LES TRAVUAX leathercare products can be used on sofa, upholstery of cars, motorcycle's leather seat...etc.

Not recommended for Nubuck leathers though, and pleae keep out of reach from children.


In the next article, we will illustrate how using Les Travaux Grooming cream can save your leather goods.