Restoring Dry-Up Leather Using LES TRAVAUX

Restoring Dry-Up Leather Using LES TRAVAUX

In the last article, we introduced the showcasing of LES TRAVAUX Leathercare and the application/demostration on the favourite leather pieces for renowned people during international tradeshows.

Of the many astonished people who tried LES TRAVAUX Leathercare, one of them is Mr. Kurt, owner for S.F.K Leather ( from Taiwan.

Kurt is a very experienced and skilled leathercrafter. Having in the handmade leather industry for almost 10 over years, he has operated many types of leathers and has accumulated good knowledge where leathercraft is concern. 

As one of the first person to carry LES TRAVAUX Leathercare products in his beautifully curated shop in Taiwan, his 'crafty' hands gave some of his old leather pieces new life using the LES TRAVAUX Leathercare.

Posting an illustration of how he restored a vintage leather belt on his own blog, we translated and used his images here in English for a wider audience.

Vintage European Military Horsehide Leather Belt bought 10 years ago in Europe

This vintage belt was bought by Kurt 10 years ago thinking to use the leather for his own leather products. But was forgotten and left in the store until recently, he discovered that the leather was dried up terribly.

Many people inquire about how can one judge if the leather is too dry?

When you can notice slight cracks visually, the touch of the leather lack 'sponginess' and surface looks dull are some characteristics that the leather is showing signs of drying up. The above example of the leather has gone beyond itinitial stage, it IS already dried up.

The cause of leather pieces drying up is mostly due to lack of moisturizing/oiling. The correct use of leathercare product is important in order to maintain your treasured leather goods so that they can last a lifetime.

In this context of Kurt's leather belt, he used LES TRAVAUX Leather Grooming Cream for this restoration project. What he needs is the Lanolin (Wool Grease) content in the Grooming Cream to rapidly restore the moisture level in the leather. His first step is to apply a generous amount of Grooming Cream onto the dry-up leather belt (spreading them evenly comes later) to allow the leather to soak-up the much need moisture and oil.

After applying, leave it alone for a while. You should be seeing some visible changes in 1 to 2 minutes.

The changes you can see easily after some time is that the original area that was extremely dry can suck-up the cream real fast to replenish moisture.

After around 2 minutes, the leather should be nourished with the Grooming Cream contents and it will appear like last picture, with residues of the cream. Now, use your finger and spread them evenly on the leather surface. At this point of time, you should be able to feel the 'sponginess' of the leather that was missing when it was dry.

Now, leave it alone for it to dry and see its wonder in a few minutes. 

You can feel the vast difference of before and after when the cream is totally soak into the leather. 

The cream nourishes the leather with ample moisture, strengthen it and restore your leather pieces to original state. When going through with your hand gently, you can certainly feel the smoothness and 'springy' effect.

Following up regularly with LES TRAVAUX Grooming Cream and Mink Oil can keep your leather healthy and strong. Which is exactly why you want genuine leathers in the first place - to last a lifetime.


*All picture illustrations and steps of restoring dry-up leather is original of Mr. Kurt (Owner of S.F.K Leathers).