Handmade Dress Belts

Handmade Dress Belts

We just received 3 colours of Obbi Good Label dress belts in London Tan, Ash Brown and Classic Black. Made of genuine cowhide leathers, double-sided, stitch-up on edge.

For handmade leather belts, we have seen many raw and rugged style of leather belts, primarily made of natural vegetable-tanned leathers that inherently gives workwear look and style. The reason is because it is relatively easily made. The winning edge in comparison is the high-quality thick leathers selected and a nice looking buckle (mostly Brass material). 

Very seldom, handmade leather artisans will want to make a belt with edge stitchings or 'Gunfighter-style' stitchings as decorative due to the long and tedious hand-stitching. The effort and focus put into a full hand-stitch belt is certainly not recommended in commercial view unless you are only making a few pieces as hobby. 

Having said the above, Obbi Good Label's skills in using machine stitch comes into good use in this context. 

Firstly, the leather artisans of Obbi Good Label are not restricted by the stitching techniques. The quality time spent on experimenting a fully stitch up belt increase tremendously due to shortening the time spent in making prototypes after prototypes. Eventually, selecting the best one for production and offer to the market. 

Secondly, as a full-fledge professional leather artisans who are well-trained in all techniques (including machines), any designs and complexity can be made. Which brings us to,


These Obbi Good Label Gentlemen Classic Leather Belts are handmade in OGL Leather Workshop in Singapore by well-trained leather artisans. Using vegetable-tanned leathers in London Tan, Ash Brown and Classic Black, they are skive down to achieve double-sided design. 

Before stitching up the 2 sides, another piece of leather is inserted to raise the belt body, which gives the wearer a classic dressy look, suitably for formal wear. The hardware used are made of stainless steel including the strong rectangular buckle that never goes out of style in formal wear. 

The belt design and concept is to be as conversative as possible, so that it stays low when coordinates with your three-piece suit or casual office-wear of shirt and pants. But the long-lasting characteristics of using genuine cowhide leathers, in double, allow this belt to evolve beautifully with age. 

The colour available is also carefully thought through to so that you can choose the best colour to match your dress shoes.

For more pictures and specs please refers to,

OGL Classic Gentlemen Leather Belt in London Tan

OGL Classic Gentlemen Leather Belt in Black

OGL Classic Gentlemen Leather Belt in Ash Brown