Carry-All Explorer Leather Bag

A highlight for this year-end is the full leather venture for OGL 9981 Bag Collection, the well-tested OGL 9981 Explorer Leather Bag. Spending one year of testing and experimenting on leathers, Obbi Good Label finally selected the Full-Grain Cowhide Leathers for this series. A total of 3 colours, Black, Brown and Flax (pale-yellowish) grainy surface finish. Being Full-Grain, all natural marks visible and fiber strengths are retain for long-lasting properties. And instead of turning old, Full-Grain leathers aged with beautiful petina with time.


The design is a 'bin-like' shape, with OGL 9981 wings and Brass Tag on the front. Its tubular body is carefully thought through to minimize stitching joints, hence product durability will be rely more on inherent leather strength and quality. Another advantage of lesser stitching lines is to show the leather's full gracefulness of natural grains in its continuous, circular body.

The idea of this Explorer Leather Bag came from an explorer's point of view. A bag that is tough to withstand long travels ruggedness but not compromising gentlemen's style. Easy to use with ample storage capacity and versatile carrying ergonomics. 

Selecting Full-Grain Cowhide Leathers for this Explorer Bag not only does it give elegant, stylish gentlemen look, but also very much with functionality in mind. Most of the time, bags that are built for travels uses tough materials but they are equally too heavy to use, extremely thick.

Full-Grain Cowhide Leathers retain its natural fiber strength and durability, able to withstand abrasions but half of the weight that of those heavier materials. Their natural characteristic of extremely breathable properties allow moistures to dry up faster, thus maintaining its supple and dense conditions most of the time.

With due diligent, maintaining these Explorer Leather Bags with specially formulated Les Travaux Grooming Cream can ensure a lifetime usage.


Obbi Good Label's Explorer Leather Bags are stitch up in single line seam, from one of the top end, down and following the bottom line to the opposite top. This method is to share the stress points (when bag is full) into the line, so that no single point is with concerntrated force making it unbreakable.

4 anchor-points with brass D-rings are attached to sides of the bag, stitched up and riveted, for changing carrying styles.

The start and end of the seam are reinforced with leather stopper, riveted down.

This bag is access through a top opening with zipper. It is a full space of measurement 13" height x 10" diameter for usage, a good storage for Carry-All essentials during travels or even daily usage.

Strong adjustable straps with brass trigger hook, attached and stitched down with leather piece.


Below shows a few ways of carrying styles.

Side-Sling method, hook of top 2 anchor points.

Back-carry with option of slinging to the side, hook on top and the diagonal side on the bottom.

Horizontal-sling, hook on top and bottom D-ring of the same side.

Back-Pack carry, cross-hooking diagonally of 2 straps to achieve this method.


Start you journey with Obbi Good Label Explorer Leather Bag now, as these bags are now readily available at Rugged Gentlemen Shoppe.

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Explorer Leather Bag in Black

Explorer Leather Bag in Flax

Explorer Leather Bag in Brown