OGL Hand-Dyed Belt for Ironheart UK

OGL Hand-Dyed Belt for Ironheart UK

Since last year end, our partner - Ironheart UK has began stocking Obbi Good Label's Handmade Leather products on their UK website with a dedicated section. Especially for the OGL Hand-Dyed Belts, they have a good amount of sizes and stocks for you (that even our own online store doesn't have).

A good reason is because these belts with double-prong are not easy to make. Fully manufactured by hands, in Obbi Good Label's leather workshop, all leathers are selected and cut manually. Here are some making-in-process illustrations.

The selected 11/12oz Natural Vegetable-Tanned leathers for the job. Hand-dyed with two layers in black using Obbi Good Label's colour changing kit. The picture here shows the belt leather outdoor for drying so that the colour can be absorbed as thoroughly as possible.

After cutting the leather hide into belt blanks, the holes are punch individually by a single leather artisan to maintain consistency. By using a vintage hole-punching equipment ensures the holes are levelled-down and parellel for double-hole prong buckles. This step requires constant concerntration which the artisans is rested after 5 belts, which is 50 holes.


The belts are then skived down at the 'bend' potion manually using skiving knifes. Another tedious labour work that requires skill and experience as you try to slim it down evenly for a smooth surface. This feature will ensure leather free movement when belt is bent over the buckle for easy usage.

The tip-end and cut-off area are also checked for smoothness using scissors to cut away the jagged pieces.

The edges of the belt are bevelled to an angle as well as finished with Obbi Good Label's Batik Stain, locking down the fibres to give a colour contrast and outlining the its black body. 

When all cutting and skiving are completed, the underside of the belts are applied with Batik Stain as well.


OGL Hand-Dyed Belt uses Double-prong buckle made of Solid Brass material which is indicated underside of the buckle. Each buckle is then fitted onto the belt with a brass screw post which can be easily removed (if necessary, for shortening).

Every belt goes through a last checking before polishing them with leathercare application. All you have read, from the beginning to completion, Obbi Good Label uses all in-house manpower, equipment and also self-concoction for their products. Leathercare, finishes are the same. 

These Hand-Dyed Belt belts are completed with application of Les Travaux Polishing Cream and Grooming Cream to preserve the leather properties and prolong uses.


The making of Natural Belts using Double-Prong buckles repeats the whole process except for changing the colour, maintaining the rawness of the thick leather hide. Natural markings, grains or even some surface-defaced are considered the most natural forms of future unique character waiting to be developed.


All Natural Double-Prong Leather Belts are exclusive to Ironheart UK - Obbi Good Label