Motorcycle Leather Saddle Bag

Motorcycle Leather Saddle Bag

As the title suggest, we are introducing Obbi Good Label's Leather Saddle Bag, but not for motorcycles... It is a modified version for modern carrying and usage. With inspiration from vintage motorcycles, Obbi Good Label retained the saddle bag's main functions of being tough and useful. Adding touches on the areas where it will be sensible to carry it over the shoulders instead of on the motorcyles.

First and most importantly, the selection of the leather. We know and have seen super thick leathers are often used on motorcycles saddle bags for a simple fact that it has to go through outdoor weathers and road conditions with the bikes. Of course, after all the grueling rides and surviving, what you get is awesome looking aged bag matching your vintage bikes.



However, this doesn't make sense for a bag that is to be carry on human body. Lightweight but equally strong and tough leather will be a perfect choice.

And here, Obbi Good Label uses a Full Grain Cowhide leather in dark brown colour, with underside rough-out that has got uneven shades of colour tones, creating ultimate characteristics. This piece of grainy cowhide is soft and lightweight, perfectly suitable for everyday carry bag. And it's strength and durability doesn't compromise. 

Maintaining its storage volume as the original, this OGL Leather Saddle Bag measures are L15" x H12" x W4.5", with an 'oversized' leather flap cover to replicate the original version. The edge are studded all round with nickel-plated studs that has a slightly round top. The reason for choosing nickel-plated materials is because they will be discoloured after long usage that can match the aging state of the leather. And another good reason is that, they are light weight to maintain daily functionality.

Another modern add-on is the securing buckles. Obbi Good Label selected using Conway Buckles because they can achieve the quick-access properties. Commonly used by Naval divers, Conway Buckles are 'idiot-proof' securing system. There is no adjustable moving parts, as such, they are impossible to break down. Just slotting into the buckles and hold down at the holes will securely lokc down the cover flaps.

Obbi Good Label also added another great feature that can be found at the back of the bag - a zipper that allows accessing the bag without opening from the front. 

Internal pocket separator that is rolled-top for organizing your smaller items, front body leather stopper for reinforcement and double-stitched seams on front body are also some of the details as improvements.


This Leather Saddle bag was first showcased in Japan CC Show last Oct 2016. With Mr. Nick Clements (of Men's File) having great reviews on it. In the picture below, he tried on the 'body-hugging' characteristic due to the inherit shape of the bag, and was all good comments.


The bag was also featured as a recommendation on Men's File magazine, all thanks to Mr. Nick's good feedback. And if you are reading this and thought it interest you, please check our online store here for more details and pictures. 

Source from Men's File Magazine Issue 15.