Wallets made from Yankee Leather (Italy)

This season, Obbi Good Label has introduced their premium leathers incorporated under 'Brave' collection as per annually. 

We are introducing YANKEE LEATHER from Italy, Tuscany.

Founded in 1989, YANKEE LEATHER has been one of the most well-known leather tannery in Tuscany region. Initially, as shoes manufacturer, YANKEE LEATHER went through a change and they are now a full-fledged tannery that produce premium leather hides.

Specialized in full-grain vegetable-tanned leathers, they also produce rare printed reptiles hides. Strictly adhered to environmental friendly tanning processes, all leather hides from YANKEE LEATHER are tanned traditionally using animal fats and vegetable tannins without adding any synthetic agents. All processes are done by focusing on 100% nature friendly materials. 

Apart from producing Natural vegetable-tanned leathers, the highlight is the Aniline Dye/Finish by hand, adding colours onto hides. This process brings about vibrancy and scintillating life out of the hides. (View a short clip at the end of this post taken from YANKEE Leathers on hand-dye)


When handled by the right leather artisans, these quality of YANKEE LEATHER can be imbued into daily leather products.

To certify each and every leather hides went through meticulous quality check and are tanned by YANKEE LEATHER's environmental friendly principles, all leather hides comes with a certificate to ensure the above.

Obbi Good Label acquired some of the nicest leather hides from YANKEE LEATHER this season and handcrafted them into BRAVE's signature Mid Wallet (which is their most popular series).

The colour they have got are Black, Yellow and Green. All full grain vegetable-tanned leather, aniline dyed. 

Evenly aniline dyed by YANKEE LEATHER, the natural grains of the animal are prominently shown on the glazed surface of the leather wallet. The underside (flesh) of the wallet retained its core colour in natural, which allows for contrast outlining of the product.

The dyeing process affects only the surface thus enabling a tea-core aging characteristic where the top colour will slow fade away revealing the core colour. Such result is very much sought-after due to its unforseeable aging properties and processes. Every use of the leather wallet is an expectation to see how it has aged, every use there is something different.


The BRAVE MID WALLET are now available on our online store.