Obbi Good Label Tote Bag collection

Obbi Good Label has been making leather/canvas bag since 2011, whether or not commissioned for custom-made or inclusion into OGL 9981, every other season, we see new bag designs produced. Mainly inspired by the bags from the past, we have seen Aviator Bags, Hobo Bags, Medical Bag released and showcased throughout the world garnering great reviews and stocked by renowned shops.

Ending 2017, Obbi Good Label released their version of TOTE BAGS, adding into OGL 9981 bags collection.


Made from industrial-graded duck canvas in two colours - Safari Olive and Salt White, that are superbly durable to withstand abrasion and rough usage. Not to mention their water-resistant properties. External design is tinker up with decorative leather accent and handles. The leather accent designs are actually Obbi Good Label's signature shape which looks like 'wings', initially incorporated back in 2015. Brass tag spotted in front carries OGL 9981 logo riveted down.

Brass Logo Tag


The history of TOTE BAG design concept dated back to the 17th century where it just means large carrying storage with handles. It was only until 40s or 50s, the popularity of using this simple and functional bag started coming back. Entering into people's daily life, TOTE BAGS provides conveniency for everyday usage. 

They are easily accessible with large opening, matches all types of outfit, unisex, easy to keep away, in short they just blend into everyone's life.

Adhering to its basic fundamentals, the leather craftsmen from Obbi Good Label improve a simple TOTE BAG design by using high quality materials, added reinforement details with exquisite workmanship, and also recreated its stylish form. 

Introducing two designs of Obbi Good Label Tote Bags are,

'UTILITY' which is a vertical design and 'CARRY-ALL', a horizontal version as well as larger storage capacity. Choose one that suits you.

TOTE UTILITY in Safari Olive


TOTE CARRY-ALL in Salt White


As much as the exterior design is appealing, the highlight of Obbi Good Label's TOTE BAGS really happen internally.

Both version has got two internal compartments/separators for organized storage and more accessibility. They also feature a Brass D-Ring for hooking key chains or other items that suits you.

All inner stitiching seams are sealed up delibrately for reinforcement purposes as well as creating beautiful outlining internally


Internal seams sealing detail


With intriguing details added and design by Obbi Good Label, this TOTE BAG can last a life-time evolving amazingly with used. And most importantly allows you to use less plastic bags during shopping and support evironmental friendly ideals.

''Use OGL Tote Bags, Protect Our Environment"

All Obbi Good Label Tote Bags are already released and ready for Worldwide Shipping on our online store.

You can find them under OGL 9981 Bags Collection.