Obbi Good Label Kingsman Bi-Fold Leather Wallet

On Obbi Good Label's Kingman Collection, we can find classic designs of a gentlemen's leather products. Notably, the timeless classic design of a bi-fold leather wallet (and its matching leather set).

This season, Obbi Good Label released their staple collection in this classic design because they hope to offer everyone a leather wallet that is suitable for all walks of life, no frills yet exquisitely functional with lifetime usage as imperative objective.


Made from the durable vegetable-tanned leathers in 100% environment-friendly conditions, using tannis like tree bark and vegetable elements. They are skive to 3oz thickness for optimal usage yet able to endure rigorous used throughout the years.

Known to aged beautifully with time, these Kingsman Bi-Fold Leather Wallets bear outstanding natural grains/marks from the animal permitting high characteristics uniqueness in each and every wallet. No one are the same.

Prominent natural grains

All leather products by Obbi Good Label are bench crafted in their leather workshop, so as these Kingsman Leather Wallets. Every piece is handmade by Obbi Good Label's craftsmen who are meticulous and takes pride in their work.

Stitching are done by vintage sewing machine one wallet by one wallet each time to ensure high quality assurance.

These are the 'Real' leather wallets for every man. 

No more tearing up lining on the edges and no more peeling surfaces. Because the use of vegetable-tanned leather and single craftsman production lifted its durability. 

In order to keep organized without force storage of extra cards/receipts, you can find matching leather accessories as well.

Kingsman Leather Coinpouch

Kingsman Leather Cardholder


These Kingsman Leather Collection are ensured for lifetime usage as well as holding any sentimental values. They can be an excellent gift during festive seasons.

You can find all the selection under Obbi Good Label's Kingsman Collection with detailed information and prices.