OGL Top Grain Leather, Soft Milled

This season, Obbi Good Label will producing a series of Full Leather Bags under OGL 9981 collection. You will expect to see the popular design of Avaitor Bag, Hobo Bag and Doctor's Bag but made from high grade, Top Grain Milled Cowhide Leathers.

Top Grain leathers are hide taken from just under the surface of the animal skin, and sand/buff away the top for uniformity surface. They are extremely strong and durable. Most commonly used for making leather bags of luxury brands, full leather sofa, upholesteries because of their superb finished looks.

*picture taken from internet

The diagram above shows the different tiers of leather hide, where you can see that Top Grain leathers are taken from the second tier of the leather hide. This tier has got densly packed fibers which are essentially important for strength and durability of the leather.

The surface is then refinished and tanned at the leather tannery, before the Milling Process.


Leather Milling is a key process which 'tumbled' the leather hides in a large drum to soften the leathers, Soft Milled Leathers are the highest quality grade produced. Think of Motorcycle Leather Jackets, many of them, especially the reputable ones, made their jackets using Soft Milled Leathers. 

The softness and flexibility characteristics of a Milled Leathers are perfect materials for jacket making. Its pliable properties ensure comfortable wearing and does not crack (when well-maintained).


Obbi Good Label has carefully selected the best Soft Milled Leather for OGL 9981 Bags Collection this season. Apart from the choosing the highest grade, we also acquired some good colours for appeal and uniqueness purpose.

Dark Navy Blue Milled Leathers is darker in real life (picture is brighter due to lighting). A very unique colour tone that characterize your style.


Black Mill Leathers is a conservative choice but they certainly emit an air of elegance and class when made into leather products.


Hot Red Mill Leathers is loud and flamboyant. Perfect choice for those who are confident and don't mind attention.


Brown Mill Leathers is the absolute colour for leather bags.

All these Top Grain Milled Leathers have got visible natural grains, most likely a result from the stretching during the Milling Process. These natural grains define uniqueness in all handmade OGL 9981 Bags. Although Top Grain leathers are known for their uniformity, Obbi Good Label's batch of Top Grain Milled Leathers achieve certain degree of individuality, resulting all made OGL 9981 Leather Bags different from one another.

The fibers on the 'flesh' (undersurface) can be seen densly packed which is a sign of toughness and lastingness. 

You can be guaranteed that the upcoming OGL 9981 Full Leather Bags will be a life-long lasting bag.


Presenting in March 2018, Japan, CC SHOW.