BRAVE Mid Leather Wallet

When we talk about BRAVE Leather Collection, we are talking about a successful and popular wallet design that was created by Obbi Good Label. Since 2013, BRAVE collection began to produce staple wallet design (with accessories) using rare and premium leathers. And still going strong with steady increase in demand.

A short recap of the year's collection,

2013 - Chromexcel Leathers

2014 - Shell Cordovan Leathers

2015 - Italian Waxed Grain Leathers

2016 - Shinki Shell Cordovan Leathers

2017 - Italian Yankee Aniline Leathers

(Not adding adhoc leathers such as Emboss Croc Leather, Super BRAVE Full Shell... etc.)

Picture above shows Chromexcel (bottom), Shell Cordvan, Emboss Croc, Yankee Black, Yankee Yellow Mid Wallets used throughout the years.

Such is a collection legacy that is continuing its journey under the hands of Obbi Good Label's Leather Artisans.

BRAVE's design of wallet has always been the same for a simple reason that is extremely functional for people from all walks of life. Which is the vital objective for BRAVE Mid Leather Wallets.

The 5.5" tapering cut, internal placements and the card slots are cored designs for BRAVE. Of course, there is a 'secret recipe' on how to make the 'Clam' effect that user can experience after using the wallets for sometime.

Left is New, Right is Used. Notice the 'Clam' effect whereby the edge of one side is curl inwards.

In 2017, Obbi Good Label acquired a good amount of leather supply from Italian Tannery that produce YANKEE LEATHERS. It was mentioned in previous journal in details on how amazing these YANKEE LEATHERS are.

Being vegetable-tanned leathers (Aniline Dyed), you can expect a supple feel of the wallet where you will also realize these mid-sized leather wallets are going to last forwever. The glossy surfaces and attractive colours are some cool factors that make your leather wallet unique.


As we have been using the BLACK and YELLOW Mid Wallets for a while, here are some pictures of how they have aged.


The corners of these BRAVE MID Leather Wallets arched outwards forming a concave shape on the wallet backbone.

The edges of the used BRAVE MID Leather Wallets either fade out revealing tea-core effect on the Black Leathers and turn darker, outlining the edges on the Yellow Leathers.

Overview of these two used BRAVE MID Yankee Leather Wallets, you will definitely be seeing the signature 'Clam-effect' that is the most noticeable difference.


On the shelf, we still left with 1 or 2 pieces in stock. Please either drop by the shop or you can check the shopping page for online purchase.