Hobo Styles - Obbi Good Label Culture

Hobo Styles - Obbi Good Label Culture

In the late 1800s, while America is still under developing, jobs are hard to find and mainly odd jobs available at the railway industry where migrants hopped onto freight cars going from town to town, city to city, working or plainly just looking for chances whether legally or illegally. This led to a cult culture call 'Hobo' for which the reason for this name is unknown. But Hobo culture was widely known and spreaded especially in the 1920s to 1930s, in a subculture way, non-mainstream. All thanks to the unique codes/symbols that Hobo people used to communicate throughout the whole country.

(source from worldwideweb)

Through these simple yet effective Hobo codes, helpful information, important advices are passed on to another Hobo who can get more information of that particular region or place. And these writings/drawings on the walls, lamp post, freight cars... become what we know as the Hobo graffiti or Hobo glyphs.

Even through simplicity of the drawings, they encompass a wealth of important messages that are very useful for another fellow traveller who happened to pass by the area. For whatever reason, when you come across a Hobo symbol of a 'cat' (fourth row, center in the illustration above), you know you could probably take advantage of a particular 'kind lady living here'... or a symbol of a circle (second row, last third from left) denotes that 'there is nothing to gain here', so move on. Legally or illegally, ethically or not, the effective idea of sending useful information using simple codes for communication is a gesture of goodwill, which inspired Obbi Good Label's Hobo Bag concept.

Since 2015, Obbi Good Label designed their first Hobo Bag. The general idea is the same as Hobo Codes - using simple yet effective design to create something that is useful and functional. A bow shape, body-hugging contour allow for ease of cross-body sling and sufficient capacity for essentials to be carried anywhere you go.

(Hobo Bag 2015 - Bamboo fabric canvas - end of production)

(Hobo Bag 2015 Oct - Suede and Fabric to create fun and colourful live of a Hobo man - end of production)

(Hobo Bag 2016 Oct - Executive Black and Safari Olive canvas materials for more colour selection of OGL Hobo Bag line)

(Hobo Bag 2017 Oct - 18oz Cotton Duck material, with Gunslinger Leather Sling and the notable OGL 9981 Wings leather accent)


Beginning of 2018, after years of Hobo bag making, Obbi Good Label released their full leather Hobo Bag series with sized-down templates, to add on a little touches of elegant look in order to enhance the use of top grain, soft-milled leathers. Three colour options of Hot Red, Blue and Black leather were made into production for early 2018.

These full leather Hobo bags line features all changes that have been improvised throughout the years of OGL Hobo bag history, the reinforcement zipper end, OGL 9981 signature leather Wings accent decorative, as well as a newly added quick-access back pocket.

And it is almost the same time, Obbi Good Label also standardized canvas version of Hobo Bags with the use of #8 Numbered Cotton Duck of 18oz, Off-white and Olive materials with adjustable cotton straps.

The transformation of Obbi Good Label's Hobo Bag design has seen its pros and cons throughout the years, and we can also safely say that the latest are the best of the lot after 3 years of collective experiences and feedbacks. Some of the Hobo Bags of previous versions are still available in Obbi Good Label's shop, where they are displayed for its significant history.

While the design and materials used was tweaked throughout the years, the original ideals and concept of a Hobo Bag has never changed a single bit for its fundamental objective is a simple yet effective solution for daily carry. The cross-body slinging system remains core basis being body-hugging for comfortable carrying and ease of accessing the contents.

Staying true to these core values of OGL Hobo Bag is fundamentally important.

Afterall, in Rugged Gentlemen Shoppe, we thought that a Hobo's life of freedom and roaming seems worthy to pursue at a certain degree....

Just like a 'Colossus of Road'.