Covid 19 Updates

Important Updates (Mar 2023): 

This is the fifth periodic update (final) for Covid-19 procedure.

All operations back to pre-Covid period. Please disregard the previous updates as they are all obsolete by now. (We will keep them here for the record and archiving).


In view of the current Covid-19 pandemic, our physical store is appointment-based operation until further changes. Our store business hours shows our day to day working timing, but not necessary accepting visitors.

You can make appointment by Facebook, Instagram private messages one day in advance.

We have also created a new Whatsapp number for your convenience if you have any questions as well as making appointment to visit.

RGS Whatsapp number: +65 8118 9002 (only messages)


Online purchase shipping information:


Important Updates (Aug 2021): 

This is the fourth periodic update on our shipping to shoppers.


From 6th Aug to 27th Aug, we completed an experimental kind of campaign to test the rate of fulfillment for our online orders. We can conclude that using DHL Express, we achieved 100% fulfillment rates with orders arriving at customers' addresses latest 4 business days, even for EU orders (following new EU VAT 2021 rules).

Hence, in order to maintain customers' shopping satisfaction, we decided to ship all orders by DHL Express internationally, as well as lowering the previous shipping rates of US$30.00 to US$15.00.

Please check our Shipping Policy.

We still encounter custom issues for shipping to Russia.


Important Updates (July 2021): 

This is the third periodic update on our shipping to shoppers.

Unfortunately, we experienced 3 Registered Postages lost in transition and refunded fully to the affected shoppers. 

However, International Express Shipping (DHL) has 100% fulfillment rate where shoppers received their packages in maximum 4 days worldwide. Hence, we encouraged shoppers to select International Express Shipping (DHL).

We still encounter custom issues for shipping to Russia.


Important Updates (April 2021): 

We are still in the Covid19 pandemic status.

All orders are fulfilled and received by customers promptly since July 2020. We noticed that the efficiency of our International Express Shipping (DHL) is very much better than Registered Postage. Hence, we encouraged you to select Express Shipping for your orders.

We are also informed by DHL that shipping to Russia might encounter further delays.


Important Updates (July 2020): 

Due to current Covid19 pandemic, we heard there are some delay/missing shipments from our friends. So far, we had only encounter Qty 1 shipment lost and compensated since the start of 2020 until now. Having said that, we would like to prepare you for if this happens.

In the event of not receiving your orders:

1) Upon notified of the tracking code for your order, you should be receiving your shipment in 14 days maximum. 

2) If you have not, do contact us via email so that we can help track and trace.