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This Travelling Gym Bag is made with 10oz cotton canvas fabric, inspired from vintage-style Gym Bag used in the past. It has a shape of upper semi-circle and short handle on top, with an adjustable strap. The 'Safe Flight' logo is silkscreened. You can also feel that the canvas material is soft yet sturdy for daily packing.



Obbi Good Label uses this 10oz canvas fabric to make this product. It is a plain-weave fabric of double-filled yarn, making it stronger than simple canvas. The material has got some firmness when new, but gets soften easily after some use. Made to last for a long time, you can expect some water-repellent properties (drizzle on), tear-proof as well as excellent fading characteristics.


'Fly Me To The Moon' Collection

The 'Fly Me To The Moon' (FMTTM) collection emphasized on the essentials that you need during travelling. From large 40L capacity bags to small pouches for electronics, they are some of the 'must-have' in the modern days of globalizing. People travel every other days and useful and time-lasting traveller packs are necessary.


FULL Canvas Fabric in Green
100% Cotton
Firm but gets soft after used
Vintage-style of Gym Bag design
Short handles on top
Wide semi-cricle top zipper opening
Taped internal seams and double-layered base
1 internal pocket
Brass hardware
Silkscreen FMTTM 'Safe Flight' Logo
Measures 45 x 30 x 18cm

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