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This is the Prototype version of OGL CONDOR SHORT CARD LEATHER WALLET

There are some differences between the released version and this one featured here. We may use different leathers, other leather grades, experimental crafting techniques, hand or machine stitch when we produce prototypes. But the functions are the same.

Please read the specifications carefully and compare to the final released version.


Vegetable-tanned Leather (Full-grain) Japanese Tochigi
Smooth texture, with natural grains and markings on the hide
Supple and dense leather, finished underside
Original OGL design, unique slit bill slot, snap button close
Handcrafted, hand-cut curve card slots and hand-burnished edges
1 slit bill slot (folding bills)
2 card slots
1 stack slot, 1 back slot
Dimensions (Inches): 4 x 3.5 x 0.25

Suitable for occasions: Any

Recommended dress-style: Any

Ideal to keep at: Any (front or back pockets)


DIFFERENCES comparing with 'released version':

1) Colour of the leather are different for Brown and Tan (see image below for example)

2) Surface is matte



1) Some silver marking due to measuring

2) Some unwanted markings due to unintentional mishandling during exhibitions.


Before you purchase:

1) This product is NOT eligible for EXCHANGE/REFUND Policy.

2) You are purchasing this product as it is.


*Colour of the leather is different for Brown and Tan.

Top: The actual Brown leather colour of this product. Bottom: The actual Brown leather colour of final released.

Top: The actual Tan leather colour of this product. Bottom: The actual Tan leather colour of final released.

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