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SHURON LTD. has been producing handmade in America spectacle frames since 1865. They are a spectacle frame company of 150 over years of history. SHURON LTD. is the creator for the 'browline' frames that famously defined the look of 1950s culture, that is under the collection of RONSIR collection.



Designed in 1947, 'Browline' frames was first and originally created by SHURON LTD. It was an immediate hit and become an icon look in the 50s. As the name suggests, 'Browline' frames has got bold upper frames which is shaped like eyebrows. This style was so successful from the 50s to 60s that it was emulated by many other frame companies. In fact, it was so popular that almost every images you can find on the net of 50s to 60s with people, celebrities wearing glasses are spotted with 'Browline' frames. 

And 'Browline' is RONSIR.


Frame Colour: Black

Lens Shade: Green-Grey Polarized with UV Protection

Chasis: Black Metal

Fitting For: Ronsir Frames

Available Eye-Bridge Size (mm): 48-20, 50-20, 52-22

Comes with third-party vintage-style hard case by 'Heritage General Store' with microfiber lens cloth.

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No prescription lenses. Please follow up with your optician on prescription lenses.

This product is NOT eligible for exchange/return/refund policy.


*FAQ on measurements

- Temple: This is the long piece of frame that goes behind your ears on both sides.

- Eye size: This is the width of each lens at the widest points across

- Bridge size: This is the area where you nose is. The dimension is measure from the two lenses apart one another.

- How to select the size: The rule of thumb in selecting the size of the frame usually by the width of the frame, so that the temple can go straight back to your ears. When you have temple expanding out of the width of your frame, it means the spectacle frame is too small for your face. Generally, eye size of 46, 48 are consider average.

- Cable Temple: Cable Temple is another style/design for holding onto your ears. It has a hook-down curve that can hold the spectacles in place firmly. A great options for outdoor activities.

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