Workshop Seconds/ Surplus

For products here, you should see some DISCOUNT due to the reasons below:


Workshop Seconds

For handmade leathercraft production, there are few occasions where the products do not make it pass Obbi Good Label's strict standards. 

These are unsatisfactory seconds. Products have got markings, scratches, dyeing flaws, slight cuts... etc. But not affecting the durability of the products.


Shoppe Surplus

There are times when we decided to end production for certain models/designs, or we have run out of the limited run of the leathers used, but we still have a few remaining in shoppe. This is the place to find them. 

In any case, if you know some cosmetic faults on leathers will eventually aged and darken after used, blending into the characteristic, you can find this page useful for some great savings for Obbi Good Label leather products.