Application of Les Travaux Leather Polishing Cream

Application of Les Travaux Leather Polishing Cream

We would like to show the effects of Les Travaux Leather Polishing Cream. The pictures in this journal will show you the before and after effect. We selected application on a natural vegetable-tanned leather for prominent showing.

Before application:

This is an undyed natural vegetable-tanned leather made into a classic bi-fold. Before application, we prepared a horsehair brush, a small canvas fabric and of course, Les Travaux Polishing Cream. 

I am not sure if the picture is good enough, but the surface now should be a little matte and natural lighting not reflecting effectively.


Put some Les Travaux Polishing Cream on the canvas fabric.

Applied the Polishing Cream in circular motion on the leather. After a while, you should see some seemingly 'peeling' or 'flakings' residues. Don't be alarmed as this is normal. They can be cleaned off easily.

Continue the motion using the canvas fabric, until the 'peeling' or 'flakings' are removed.


Darker area is the polished part, lighter area unpolished to show the difference.

You can see the Polishing Cream darkens the natural leather as well as render the surface of the leather smoother, comparing to the unpolished area.

Les Travaux Polishing Cream is a nourishment for leathers that polishes as well as oiling them. You will feel a smooth surface on your leather after application and they produced a sheen shine.

Darkening is inevitable, especially on natural or light coloured leathers. 

Please try Les Travaux Leather Polishing Cream, you will enjoy it very much!