Dr. Sole X Obbi Good Label Leather Sandals

Dr. Sole X Obbi Good Label Leather Sandals

This year, Obbi Good Label and Dr. Sole Originals will be releasing a collaborating leather sandal. A perfect match-up for the two artisanal companies, Obbi Good Label with 10 years experience in leathercrafting, and Dr. Sole who is renowned for their exquisite workmanship in footwear industry.

prototype testing and used result


It all started in 2017 when, Dr. Sole appointed us as the overseas collection centre for their Rebuilt/Resole service, where we act as the main point of contact between Dr. Sole and their overseas customers. 

In a recent discussion, we thought it is a good idea for Obbi Good Label and Dr. Sole to come up with something together. And leather sandals are the best product to optimize each other's strengths.

Following the original design of Obbi Good Label's leather sandals, it was agreed to produce something simple and useful. This collaborative project had to be for daily use as well as will last a lifetime.

On this simple design, Dr. Sole provided upgrades and improvisation using his vast experience in footwear industry. 

Mid-sole (in black) stitch-down onto footbed


One basic feature on this leather sandals is that we have a mid-sole, stitch-down onto the leather footbed, allowing the outsole to be able to resole when worn-out.

Dr. Sole testing out production


Another upgrades we will see is the inserting of Poliyou Arch-Support in the leather sandals to provide excellent and comfortable foot support, even for long distance walking.

Poliyou Arch-Support (in grey foam)

Poliyou is a patented foam technology that is used by many known footwear brands in the world, especially where comfort is prioritized. It is a superior compression set with excellent cushioning effect and anti-bacteria foam structure.

It is definitely a big plus point for a simple leather sandals.

Dr. Sole buffing the edges of the leather sandals


For the outsole, Dr. Sole has highly recommended their original Dur-Lite sole. This is a lightweight material that good combines excellently with leather sandals and we agreed that lightweight is important for casual wearing.

Dr. Sole's Dur-Lite Sole is non-slip and feature a vintage-looking sole pattern.

Dr. Sole Original's Dur-Lite Sole


This collaboration is currently showcased in Berlin's Selvedge Run Exhibition. We are planning for an August 2019 release. 

Please stay tune for further details.