Old design, New material

Old design, New material

When we released our popular Fab Military Type 3 straps the year 2016, it became a hit almost instantly. We dismantled deadstock original Army helmet chinstraps, modified them into 4 types of watch straps. 

Unfortunately, these original Army helmet chinstraps has since been used up just as what deadstock materials eventually.

Currently, we still have the deadstock material for Type 1, Type 2, Type 4. But Type 3 Zulu style which requires a longer length to make is out of stock.

In order to continue this Type 3 Zulu style, we managed to source a new webbing roll to make them. These new released of Fab Military Type 3 Straps are tag as Version 2 to differentiate from the deadstock version.

Apart from the non-deadstock material, the cotton twill canvas webbing has similar weaving, with brighter green. The colour green is dyed on the external leaving the core in its natural beige colour. You can expect a fading to cream-like aging after wearing them for some time.

As these are new materials, the thickness of the webbing is uniformly slightly thicker than previous. Zulu hardware remains stainless steel.

While it was appropriate to say you purchase a deadstock watch strap which was already old previously, you will be buying the new Fab Military Type 3 V2 and can enjoy its aging and fading process now.


The V2 Fab Military Zulu Straps are ready and available in our webshop now.