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This is a collaboration Leather Sandals produce by Dr. Sole Originals and Obbi Good Label. A stitch-down mid-sole construction able for replacing outsole. Cushioning foam insert for comfort and smooth leather surface for coolness retention. It is a simple, conventional design for anyone who values high quality workmanship merchandise.




A brief introduction for Dr. Sole Originals - They are renowned sole makers who excel in their hand-built resoling services. It will be easier for you to check out their instagram updates of thousands of boots they have rebuilt and resoled. Apart from their passionate work on resoling of boots, Dr. Sole Originals has got vast knowledge and experience in footwear's quality, where he would manufacture his own brand of outsoles that are long lasting, safe for walking as well as stylishly suitable for your footwear.

In our collaboration, Dr. Sole Originals selected their #4210 Dur-Lite Cushion Sole with 'Dragon Scale' pattern for our leather sandals' outsole.




We have decided on a replaceable outsole concept for these Leather Sandals. Using vegetable-tanned leather for its strong and amazing aging properties, the edge is stitch-down to the EVA mid-sole, with cushioning foam insert for comfort. The foot arch potion is specially cut and curve to precision for the extra Arch-Ease foam support, for even further comfort level when wearing. 

Dur-Lite Cushion Sole is selected for outsole construction. Its light-weight properties will allow the wearer to walk far distance without being weigh down by the sandals. The Dur-Lite is feature with 'Dragon Scale' pattern that are evenly spread with small scale-like dots so that you can walk flatly and easily, and they can last a long time before wearing out. Having said that, you can always replace/resole the outsole when they are worn-out.


Vegetable-Tanned Leather
EVA mid-sole
Dr. Sole Originals Dur-Lite Cushion Sole
Stitch-down mid-sole construction
Arch-Ease support for comfort
Cushioning foam insert for comfort

Obbi Good Label stamp logo on footbed

Dr. Sole Originals imprint logo on sole

A collaboration work


Measurement (in cm)

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