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This is a Silver Signet Ring, handmade with 925 Silver (sterling silver), a product by Obbi Good Label. Signet Ring styling goes way back to ancient times and was considered as the 'Gentlemen's Ring' as it represented personal signature or symbol of family heritage. Signet rings played a significant role in business and politics. With the emblem or crest engraved on Signet rings, they were used for stamping on important and historical documents, leaving a distinct seal which is more official than a signature.

Signet rings are probably more for fashion statement in modern days now. However, the historically meaning behind wearing a Signet ring is never lost. A Signet ring wearer will often values family ties and appreciates heritage deep in his heart.



925 Silver is a mixture of 92.5% Silver and 7.5% alloy. This is a general standard for Sterling Silver. The main reason for the adding of alloy to silver is because pure silver is soft. By adding other alloy, it will increase the hardness require to build durability and strength in jewellery-making. 925 Silver is shiny and metallic, and it can tarnish and aged.

You can polished 925 Silver to shine again or you can leave it in its naturally patina.



This is a revival project for Obbi Good Label's jewellery. It was 11 years ago when we first introduced silver jewellery. However, full focus was shifted to the core leathercrafting aspect. This year 2020, we name our jewellery collection "OBBI GOOD LUCK". In this turn of the decade, you wish you Best of Luck when you wear our silver accessories.


92.5% Silver, 7.5% alloy
Signet design, symbolizes Heritage/ Family
Engraved with OGL trademark 'X' symbol internal
Solid Brass machine-lathed precision cylindrical holder
Sizing made according with Hong Kong Ring Size chart. Please read below on sizing information, or email us for more questions.


How to choose your size:

We indicated our rings in XS, S, M, L, XL, tagging them with Asia (Hong Kong) ring chart.

On the size selection drop down, you shall see:

XS-10 - Dia. 15.5mm or L-22 - 20.5mm

XS is our tagging which is a Size 10 on Hong Kong ring size chart, and Dia. 15.5mm is the actual diameter we measured physically on our ring.

And L would be a Size 22 with 20.5mm diameter physically.

We followed Hong Kong ring size chart because we made these ring in Asia using Asian fingers. However, because they are hand-made silvery, there is a few millimeter difference from sizing chart. Thus, we measure each of our rings and indicated their actual diameter for your selection.


Depending of your preference of which finger you want to wear, just measure that finger and match with our ring measurement.


925 Silver will tarnish and aged after wearing and exposing to environment. It is a natural condition and will NOT be eligible in our Returns/Exchange policy.

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