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This is a Mid-sized Zipper Wallet built with All-Weather materials using 'OriGinaLe Tech' fabrics (similar to Cordura Fabrics) and hi-spec water-proof zipper for high performance outdoor lifestyles. The construction is superbly robust on edge seams to withstand rigorous adventure usage. Resistant to tearing and abrasion.

Added with custom-made OriGinaLe brass D-Ring marked with OGL 'X'. It can be used as an emergency tool such as glass-breaking, or other purposes. 



'OriGinaLe Tech' Materials are synthetic fiber-based fabric, plain-woven, non-coated, high performance materials most suitable for outdoor adventure products. Their tearing and abrasion resistant properties allow the products a long-lasting and durable performance. Lightweight and easy to clean.

Internally, we added Obbi Good Label's Cushion Padded-Lining for extra content protection. It has became a signature crafting move for Obbi Good Label where most OriGinaLe products are incorporated with these Cushion Padded-Lining.



Standard Hi-spec synthetic canvas Cordura fabric on main body. Smooth and slim ballistic straps and gear loops for fast sliding adjustment. Rubbery zipper for water-proofing.


OriGinaLe Tech Material, 100% high tenacity nylon
Strong and durable, tearing and abrasion resistant
Water-repellent properties

Hi-Spec Water-Proof zipper
BLACK non-coated
Washable, will fade to lighten colour
Robust edge seams construction
Functional external Ballistic Nylon gear loops
OGL 'X' custom-made Brass D-Ring
OGL Cushion Padded-Lining
OGL Trademark logo tag
All-in zipper slot
Internal separator

Dimensions (CM): 16 x 10cm

Suitable for occasions: Casual, Outdoor adventures, Touring, Sports

Recommended dress-style: Sportswear, Casual, Denim

Ideal to keep at: Any, can be fitted with wallet chain

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