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This is an Outdoor-Style Cross-Body Pouch built with All-Weather materials using 'OriGinaLe Tech' fabrics (similar to Cordura Fabrics) and hi-spec water-proof zipper for high performance outdoor lifestyles. The construction is superbly robust on edge seams to withstand rigorous adventure usage. Resistant to tearing and abrasion.

Added with custom-made OriGinaLe brass D-Ring marked with OGL 'X'. It can be used as an emergency tool such as glass-breaking, or other purposes. 



'OriGinaLe Tech' Materials are synthetic fiber-based fabric, plain-woven, non-coated, high performance materials most suitable for outdoor adventure products. Their tearing and abrasion resistant properties allow the products a long-lasting and durable performance. Lightweight and easy to clean. 

Ballistic Nylon webbing for straps. Stitched onto bag body on both ends, allows for quick adjustable length.

Internally, we added Obbi Good Label's Cushion Padded-Lining for extra content protection. It has became a signature crafting move for Obbi Good Label where most OriGinaLe products are incorporated with these Cushion Padded-Lining.



Standard Hi-spec synthetic canvas Cordura fabric on main body. Smooth and slim ballistic straps and gear loops for fast sliding adjustment. Rubbery zipper for water-proofing.


OriGinaLe Tech Material, 100% high tenacity nylon
Strong and durable, tearing and abrasion resistant
Water-repellent properties

Hi-Spec Water-Proof zipper
BLACK non-coated
Washable, will fade to lighten colour
Robust edge seams construction
Functional external Ballistic Nylon gear loops
OGL 'X' custom-made Brass D-Ring x Qty 2
OGL Cushion Padded-Lining
OGL Trademark logo tag
All-in zipper slot
Main opening, 1 large separator and 2 small pockets

Nylon Adjustable Fast-Sliding Straps: Min. 55cm, Max. 115cm

Dimensions (CM): 20 x 28

Suitable for occasions: Casual, Outdoor adventures, Touring, Sports

Recommended dress-style: Sportswear, Casual, Denim

Ideal to keep at: Cross-Body or Waist

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