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As an overseas partner, we act as a collection center for resoling and rebuilding of boots and shoes, particularly Goodyear Welted boots in Singapore. All workmanship is provided by the reputable Dr. Sole Originals, who is known for their meticulous handstitch rewelting for welted and stitch-down boots.

With vast experience, Dr. Sole Originals and Rugged Gentlemen Shoppe maintain constant communication while you boots are with us for resoling.

Rugged Gentlemen Shoppe's main role is to provide professional advice and suggestions that cater specifically to each boots brought in and relate your requirements 100%, if not more, to Dr. Sole to ensure top satisfactory results. 

Customers is now able to discuss with us face-to-face in our shoppe of your special requirements of how you want your boots to be rebuilt. Physical sole samples are also available in the shoppe for your selection.


Bench Rebuilt Menu (simplified)


Resole (Unit Sole) - USD 85 onwards (Sole inclusive)
Resole (Sole & Heel) - USD 120 onwards (Sole & Heel inclusive)
Reheel - USD 25 onwards (Heel inclusive)
Rewelt - USD 75 onwards 


There are many other factors like, Mid Sole replacement, Steel Shank inclusion, changing from Unit sole to Sole & Heel... etc, that require a place for us to discuss and advice directly. And the reason we are appointed by Dr. Sole Originals as official overseas partner is because we have the much needed knowledge to suggest and advice you most appropriately and in-depth technically.

The pictures here are examples of completed jobs. For more pictures, please follow our check our Facebook RESOLE & REBUILT Album for all completed boots/shoes.

If you are interested, please bring along your boots/shoes to our shop for further assessment and free consultation.


Note: The above prices does not include shipping charges to and fro Dr. Sole Originals.

(This is a service that requires you to come to the shoppe, thus no price and status is 'Out of Stock')

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