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This is a collaboration project with [ FAITH SFK Leather ] from Taiwan. We produced this OriGinaLe Outdoor Pants, inspired by old military workpants, modified with modern aesthetics. Made of lightweight Ripstop fabrics, this pants is airy and comfortable to wear in Summer, or outdoor and hiking events. We would like to give you an 'Easy-Look' with this pants.



FAITH SFK Leather is a reputable leather company from Taiwan, a very close friend with Obbi Good Label. Our leather crafting works brought us closer throughout the years of our friendship. This Outdoor Pants project started during the midst of the pandemic, a time when both of us are facing unprecedented difficulties. We thought that we should make something together for remembrance sake.



We decided on using Ripstop fabric because it is a material most suitable for humid climate. Our Outdoor Pants are made of cotton Ripstop materials. The cross-woven pattern makes them somewhat resistant to tearing or ripping (hence the name ripstop). There is also a certain degree of waterproofing with this pants although not completely. Very breathable and the fabric will not turn 'sticky' when contact with sweat, making it very comfortable to wear during humid weather.


OriGinaLe Outdoor Pants with Faith SFK Leather

Cropped length, Outdoor styling, Olive

Ripstop fabric (Cotton)
Cropped-leg, button on hem
5 pockets, buttonfly
Double-needle seams construction
Adjustable waist of 2 inches allowance
Will fade after washing and wears

Measurement (in inches) Washed



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