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This is a Handmade Canvas Tote Bag made by Obbi Good Label. It is a UTILITY model with a longer depth. Strong body and reinforcement on stress point. Good functional daily bag with an eco-friendly purpose.


Tote - A commonly seen bag style yet rich in heritage

Tote bags are refers to large carry bag with unfastened opening, handles by parallel handles, long or short. Its design concept can be dated back to 17th century. Only until 40s to 50s, Tote bags entered into everyone's daily life, for its superior practicality, easy to keep away and they last forever without much attention.

Base on its original fundamentals, Obbi Good Label produces Tote bags that adhere closely if not more. 

We keep our Tote bag's design simple and practical with internal pockets for internal organizing. Using Industrial-graded duck canvas and durable leathers to make sure that our Tote bags last a lifetime. It is also a way to support environmental friendly ideals by using less plastic bags.

Construction of the body is a 1-Piece Canvas Fabric from front to back, and stitched up only on the sides. This way the bottom base can handle weight stress, distributing the stress points to the upper handle which are heavily reinforced. 



Obbi Good Label uses this 10oz canvas fabric to make this product. It is a plain-weave fabric of double-filled yarn, making it stronger than simple canvas. The material has got some firmness when new, but gets soften easily after some use. Made to last for a long time, you can expect some water-repellent properties (drizzle on), tear-proof as well as excellent fading characteristics.


FULL 100% Cotton Canvas Fabric body in Khaki
Vegetable-tanned leather accent in Natural
Firm but gets soft after used
Longer depth vertically
Taped internal seams
2 internal pockets with 'D' ring for hook
Full brass hardware
OGL trademark logo stamped
Small button snap at the center of top opening
All industrial graded canvas are water repellent (but not submerge into water)
Parallel leather handles: Double-layered stitch edge
'OGL 9981’ trademark stamping
Measures (cm): 35 x 38 x 10

*Maintenance: No maintenance required on canvas body. Oiling will require only on the leather accents. 3 monthly application will be suffice using any leather care products.

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