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This is a Leather Long Wallet for coat wearing dress-style, usually place in the inner pocket of a coat. It is a hand-crafted bi-fold design, with hand-cut curve slots internally. This wallet is made exceptionally slim (at 0.25 inch when folded) even with 3oz vegetable-tanned leathers, maintaining its strong and time-lasting characteristics.



This leather product by Obbi Good Label is built with Japanese TOCHIGI vegetable-tanned leather. They are one of the few leather tanneries in the world, who still insist on using natural tannins for leather tanning, reducing waste and world pollution. 

Tochigi vegetable-tanned leather has a smooth texture and especially so after some usage. These are Fullgrain Leathers from Cowhide with natural grains and markings, which are unique in every one of the leather products. Vegetable-tanned leathers are almost unbreakable due to their strong and durable properties. When new, you will feel the leather is tough and supple, but upon usage, the leather will season and break-in, giving a soft and shiny surface.



A 'Kingsman' is a traditional British Army rank (equivalent to a 'Private'), that was used in some Infantry Regiments before the 50s. A Kingsman is loyal to his King and Queen. He only uses traditional and classic items that are superbly long-lasting, so that he can dedicate his whole life to his country, as a true and loyal gentleman.

This is a metaphor for an ordinary modern man, who prefers life-time products over trend-chasing ideals, for he would rather spend his time and money on his family.

Obbi Good Label Kingsman Collection are designed and produced based on this inspiration.


Vegetable-tanned Leather (Full-grain) Japanese Tochigi
Smooth texture, with natural grains and markings on the hide
Supple and dense leather, finished underside
Slim for placing at inner pocket of coats
Handcrafted, hand-cut curve card slots and hand-burnished edges
OGL hand-debossed logo for signature
6 card slots
3 bill slot
Dimensions (Inches): 7.5 x 4 x 0.25

Suitable for occasions: Preferably, office, formal as long as you need to wear any coat.

Recommended dress-style: Smart Gentleman.

Ideal to keep at: Coat inner pocket, or in the bag.

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Maintenance: Recommended to maintain oil/grease 3 monthly or whenever the leather is dry.

Note: Natural grains, markings or even flaws on all Fullgrain Vegetable-Tanned Leathers are inherent, as such, they are normal condition. These markings are what make the leather products unique with characteristics. 

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