"Kingsman" is a tradition and a concept

"Kingsman" is a tradition and a concept

Today, Obbi Good Label released a refreshing 'Kingsman' Leather Collection of good, old classic design of leather bi-fold wallets and accessories.

In this journal, we would like to compile and illustrate a little on these new 'Kingsman' leather pieces.

('Kingsman' collection of Brown leather from Tochigi)

The collection name - 'Kingsman' came about in 2016, when Obbi Good Label found that a Kingsman is a British rank (equivalent to a Private), used in some Infantry Regiments before 1950s. While Obbi Good Label was keen of producing some classic leather bi-fold wallets, they decided that 'Kingsman' is the perfect collection name to house designs that are traditional and never go out-of-style.

(*image from http://www.kingsownmuseum.com/) showing Lancaster Regiment circa. 1907)

They believe that times before 50s are turbulent and unstable, when simple livelihood can be a luxury for the working class, like the lowest rank (Kingsman) in the Army. He would better be occupied on daily needs and essential than fancy materials.

For that, a classic, highly functional and time-lasting leather wallet would probably be his ideal choice.

OGL Kingsman Classic Bi-Fold Leather Wallet with Coin Pocket

This year end, Obbi Good Label selected the renowned Tochigi Leather (Japan) for a refreshing look and colours. Specifically, their vegetable-tanned leathers.

Tochigi Leathers are one of the few leather tannery in the world who still insist on using natural tannins like tree barks, plants as minerals for vegetable-tanning process. Even though it will take a very long time for this process, Tochigi Leather believes that it is all worth it for reducing pollution and be environmental-friendly.

And Obbi Good Label fully embraces this environmental-friendly ideals.

We will be looking at 'Kingsman' leather collection in colour sets - Black, Brown and Tan, with leather products complimenting one another.

You will be able to do a collection set by using a Classic Bi-Fold Leather Wallet with Coin Compartment with Pin-Hold Leather Cardholder. Or, whichever you may require.


'Kingsman' Leather Collection is available here, on Rugged Gentlemen Shoppe (Obbi Good Label's Official Webshop), as well as worldwide retailers