'Condor' is Original Obbi Good Label

'Condor' is Original Obbi Good Label

When we mention 'Condor' leather collection, it is correspondent with the aesthetics of Obbi Good Label. 'Condor' is the first of all Obbi Good Label's leather goods. It is the spirit and ideals of Obbi Good Label's branding.

In 2009, when Obbi Good Label established, the interest in handmade leathercrafting was on the rise globally. People were seeking for high quality, handmade leather wallets at that time. One particular group of enthusiasts were the denimheads. 

The idea of fading raw denim and aging leather products were very popular and sought-after. This idea, in a way, would mean a product to be able to last for a very long time without breaking, so as to see its fading and aging process. It was the era of 'Spend More, Buy Less', the beginning for appreciating lifetime products than trendy materials. This idea is also the foundation for Obbi Good Label's beginning.

'Condor' leather collection houses all original designs by Obbi Good Label. The collection name stands for originality and uniqueness. The word 'Condor' came about when designing the leather shape for the concho snap on the first 'Condor' wallet. It is an upsweep design with tip off-centered, like the wings of a condor wide spread. Since then, this special and unique shape is the Obbi Good Label's signature and trademark.

Today, the 10th year of handcrafting 'Condor' leather products, Obbi Good Label is introducing their enhanced product series for this collection. 

All new 'Condor' leather products are made with vegetable-tanned leathers from Japanese Tochigi Tannery. Their smooth and top-graded vegetable-tanned leathers is most suitable for 'Condor' products after considering other leather tannery. The leathers are cowhide for its softness yet, supple and dense for durability, promising aging and patina characteristics.

We have released some of Obbi Good Label's most iconic 'Condor' leather wallets at the moment. You can see the Outer Bi-Fold wallets, Condor Mid wallets and the re-introduction of Short Card wallets. They are readily available here, retail as well as stockists worldwide.

Never forgetting, 'Condor' does have a few more wallet models, like Freeman Long wallet, we hope to see in the near future.

In the meantime, please take a look at these historical handcrafted leather wallets by Obbi Good Label at our 'Condor' Collection page.