Obbi Good Label Belt Collection

Obbi Good Label Belt Collection

In this journal, you will see a comprehensive compilation of all Obbi Good Label Leather Belts.

Each of the belt styles are developed over the years, adding some styles as well as omitting some. We streamlined and compiled the most popular and best-selling belts for you.

Belts have become a necessity in terms of men’s fashion – They are ‘a-need’ more than ‘a-want’ product in modern times.

No longer are belts merely used for holding-up the trousers, nor just a men's wear accessories. They are the important 'finishing touch' of your looks and styles.

Having said that, Obbi Good Label produced their leather belts in styling categories to suit as many dress styles as possible. You can see all of them on our Belt sectionIt is easy to find one perfect for your wardrobe.

While we fulfilled the styling purposes, the quality is always the utmost selling point of these leather belts. Years of experience in leathercrafting have set Obbi Good Label at the right start for belt making. 

All Obbi Good Label's leather belts have got a high quality of superior finishing - surface, underside as well as the glossy burnished edges, resulted from the hours of crafting.

Edge finished on Natural

Edge finished on Full Dyed

Superior texture finishing

All our belt leathers are cut from the Double-Back potion of cowhide, skive down to 10-12oz (4 to 5mm) thickness. They are extremely strong yet soft even the first time you feel it.

The buckles are made from Solid Brass (some Stainless Steel). These are metal alloys with high ductility, meaning they do not break or crack. The perfect material for a life-time product. 

And on a side note, recent search shows that Brass has got inherent antimicrobial properties which means germs and bacteria are unable to inhabit on the Brass surfaces. It is a hygienic matter for products on your waist, if you know what I mean :).

All these above are uncompromising crafting procedures and objectives built behind the production idea of Obbi Good Label's leather belts. It is to achieve the ultimate motto of producing leather goods that can last a lifetime as well as enhancing your lifestyles.

Used and seasoned examples of Hand-Dyed Leather Belt of Obbi Good Label


Lastly, we thank you for reading this journal.

And now, you know where to find good leather belts when you need one.


Obbi Good Label Belt Collection