Mink Oil application, craftsmen's method

Mink Oil application, craftsmen's method

In this video, we would like to share how Obbi Good Label's leather craftsmen apply their <Les Travaux> Mink Oil cream on a brown leather belt that has got some stain residue. 

You will see that the craftsman uses a leather eraser to rub on the affected area to 'loosen' the stain on the leather surface, And then apply mink oil cream on the horsehair brush, go through the area repeatedly like buffing.

The difference between application by brush and the usual application by hands/cloth is that, when mink oil is on the brush, your action of constant buffing has got more effect on the leather surface, thus removing the stain as well as shining the leather due to leather moisturizing.

Hands/cloth application does not have a 'buffing-action' and this application is more effective for leather maintenance, when you would want the mink oil nourishment to enter the leather pores more than just on the surface.

Please try this at home, it is fun and you will enjoy it!

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*Please note that the video example shows stains that are generally removable/restore. There might be some marks/stains on your leather products that are already permanent.