Outer Bi-Fold Leather Wallet, An Original Design

Outer Bi-Fold Leather Wallet, An Original Design

When you think of a classic bi-fold wallet, it is no surprise that a rectangular-shape wallet, opening up to both sides card slots line horizontally, will come into your mind. This is why it is call classic. The most traditional style of wallet, which is also the most acceptable type.

Without changing the basis of a traditional bi-fold wallet, classic values, as well as its ease of usage, this is how Obbi Good Label's "Outer Bi-fold" leather wallet was introduced in 2015.

The concept is to revitalize a conventional design of a classic bi-fold wallet and adding modern vibe without affecting its inherent usage features. 

The first thing that will catch your attention on a Outer Bi-fold will be the special curve cut-out on the bill slot. Its purpose is purely aesthetic for the bill notes to be 'peeking' out a little. And this is new external appearance of a bi-fold wallet is unique.

By gathering feedback, there were times when users comment on the rectangular shape of a classic bi-fold wallet, being unable to store in front pockets. 

You will find this function easy on a Obbi Good Label Outer Bi-Fold wallet because, by adjusting the internal card slots placement, the wallet can be almost squarish (dimension: 4" x 3.5"). A perfect size and shape for front pocket storing.

Obbi Good Label's Outer Bi-Fold Leather Wallet is an original design that has face-lifted the traditional bi-fold wallet, using handmade/workshop-produced leathercrafting techniques. 

Vegetable-tanned natural leathers was selected for this collection and we have seen great aging development since. 

Now that Obbi Good Label's Outer Bi-Fold Leather Wallets has got the modern style, classic functions and life-long lasting leathers, you probably think about the pricing now. 

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Oh, and if you are looking for something even more special, there was a special release of Outer Bi-Fold Wallet with different leathers. 



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