Obbi Good Label Hand-Dyed Leather Belts

Obbi Good Label Hand-Dyed Leather Belts

I like belts a lot, because they are very important men's accessories to complete your whole look. Whether, rugged or dressy, casual or formal, I think belts are essential for many occasions.

We have a few leather belts that are handmade by Obbi Good Label in their leather workshop in Singapore. 

We took some pictures for instagram and facebook and thought we can share them here too.

This is Obbi Good Label's Hand-dyed Double-Prong Leather Belt. It is the most popular style and best selling since they release. You can see how this belt has aged after years of using, with the black dyed fading out, revealing the tea-core effect.


Another Hand-Dyed Leather Belt, but this is cut wider at 1.75 inch and coupled with a vintage-style brass buckle. Having the same tea-core effect after using, this leather belt looks like it have been used for 10 over years... It is the best match for vintage-style pants. You can find out more specs of this leather belt here.


I am wearing basic blue jeans with white top which is the safest match for focusing on the belts. But I think you can wear better than me. 

Please enjoy Obbi Good Label's Leather Belts if you have purchase them. 

Thank you very much.