History of Obbi Good Label Hobo Bag

History of Obbi Good Label Hobo Bag

In the late 1800s, while America is still under developing, jobs are hard to find and mainly odd jobs available at the railway industry where migrants hopped onto freight cars going from town to town, city to city, working or plainly just looking for chances whether legally or illegally. This led to a cult culture call 'Hobo' for which the reason for this name is unknown. But Hobo culture was widely known and spreaded especially in the 1920s to 1930s, in a subculture way, non-mainstream. All thanks to the unique codes/symbols that Hobo people used to communicate throughout the whole country.

Obbi Good Label embraces this idea and developed one bag that expressed this concept of Hobo-style in 2014.


The first released of OGL Hobo Bag was showcased in Berlin's Selvedge Run tradeshow and was very much appreciated by Clutch Magazine's editor-in-chief, Mr. Atsushi Matsushima, who also feature the bag on his Editor's Choice edition of the magazine.

Since then, Obbi Good Label continues the development of Hobo Bag. You can see this on the timeline image below. 

For 10th Year of Leathercrafting, Obbi Good Label has got 4 years of experience making their Hobo Bag, and each year, showing new features to spur public interest.

By November 2018, in view of commemorating their 10th Year of Leathercrafting, Obbi Good Label decided to finalize the design and style of their Hobo Bag, and producing it in staple style.

This new and latest version of OGL Hobo Bag will be last and final version, garnering all users' feedback and maker's experience, this is the best Hobo Bag ever made. 

This off-white version was released in Dec 2018 and you can find out the technical specs here, 


To complete the colour selection, we are also releasing the 'Black-Out' version and exhibiting in Selvedge Run in July 2019.

 You will definitely be seeing them August 2019 on public release.


For those who have the previous version, I think you have collected a piece of history from Obbi Good Label's Hobo-Style ideals.

And we thank you very much for using!