Obbi Good Label Tote Bags - The idea of saving our planet

Obbi Good Label Tote Bags - The idea of saving our planet

Obbi Good Label has been making leather and canvas bag since 2011, whether or not commissioned for custom-made or inclusion into OGL 9981, every other season, we see new bag designs produced. Mainly inspired by the bags from the past, we have seen Aviator Bags, Hobo Bags, Medical Bag released and showcased throughout the world garnering great reviews and stocked by renowned shops.

Ending 2017, Obbi Good Label released their version of Canvas Tote Bags, in view of contributing their bit for 'Save Our Planet' ideals, by offering using durable re-usable tote bags instead of plastic bags.

In order for you to keep using re-usable tote bags, apart from using strong and durable materials so as to withstand constant abrasions, Obbi Good Label also added great style for carrying a tote bag.

Industrial-graded cotton duck canvas was selected as the base material for its tear-proof and strong properties, as well as great aging characteristic. The longer you use, the better it looks.

OGL Tote bags are constructed one-piece, side seams sealed up to minimize stress point on the base. Thus, there is no chance of breakage from bottom. All stress points are diverted to the long handle anchor points, that are hold by 4 strong and tough brass screw posts, which are replaceable. 

Internally, you will find two width-sized bags for organizing your storage as well as a brass D-ring that can hook your keys.

For US$155.00 to US$165.00, Obbi Good Label's Tote Bag are built to use for a very long time. Breaking down the price vs the number of years you can use this tote bag, it is actually a fantastic deal. 

Of course, it means that the world has got one less person using plastic bags.

If this planet means something to you, please follow the link below to Obbi Good Label's Bag Collection and check out the Tote Bags.

Obbi Good Label OGL 9981 Bags Collection


(OGL Carry-All Tote Bag in Safari Olive, used example)