We use our own Brass Hardware from now on!

We use our own Brass Hardware from now on!

From 2019 onwards, Obbi Good Label will be using their own brass hardware for their leather products. You shall be seeing the brass hardware etched with Obbi Good Label's wordings or markings, indicating that the brass are of Solid Brass. 

This is also an indication of next level branding for Obbi Good Label, using most of the materials/hardware for producing their leather products. 

For the start, all current production of leather belts and tote bags will be spotted with Obbi Good Label's brass hardware.

With this step, the leather belts are now authenticated fully by Obbi Good Label, having all parts, double-bend leather, buckle and screw post, produce by Obbi Good Label. Of course, handmade by Obbi Good Label leather craftsmen.

We want to thank you sincerely for using Obbi Good Label's leather belts. I know they will last a lifetime and you do not require another leather belt now. 

However, Obbi Good Label will be releasing different styles of leather belts this month. Not only rugged style, but formal, dressy leather belts will be available soon. Another few 'Use-for-Life' products.

Please check our Leather Belts section for releases.