Working (Vids) on Handmade Leather Belts by Obbi Good Label

Working (Vids) on Handmade Leather Belts by Obbi Good Label

During the current production period, we took a few videos of Obbi Good Label making their leather belts for overseas retailer. These 20 to 30secs short clips will show the leather craftsman cutting the belt blanks, shaping belt ends and finishing the belt edges, in random sequence.

Hand-cutting the Natural Vegetable-Tanned Leathers as belt blanks. These are for Obbi Good Label's Natural Leather Belts.


Johnny shaping the belt end with a mould. Each and every one of them are cut by hand, and by one leather craftsman to follow through his process. These are Obbi Good Label's Dark Choco Leather Belts.


After hand-dyeing for Obbi Good Label's Hand-Dyed Black Leather Belts, Johnny will 'outline' the edges using bevelling techniques. This process adds depth to the outlook of the belt with contrast to the dark black surface. 


Thank you for watching! The reason we want to show you these clips because we hope you can appreciate the effort making Obbi Good Label's Leather Belt.