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This is a Hobo Bag made with soft, thick cowhide full grain leather featuring characteristic surface grains. Apart from its outstanding and high quality front, this OGL HOBO-X BAG has cushion linings internally for protective function. A signature design and best-selling bag from Obbi Good Label, this full leather version of Hobo-X Bag added a little more of everything from ruggedness to elegancy. You will see the initial matte surface smoothen and become shinier after some used, resulting in prominent aging effect.


Original design and Produced by Obbi Good Label (Singapore)



OGL HOBO-X Leather Bag is originally designed and produced since 2014. You can read more of HOBO BAG history here.

Throughout the years, our Hobo Bag has been made with cottonduck fabric. The use of full leather this time is an upgrade of its product status and more surprisingly, we thought they have a different look and style altogether. 

The initial concept of outdoor ruggedness of cottonduck Hobo-X bag seems to be toned down on its ruggedness, as the full leather produce a look with certain sheen and texture that increase its exquisity in a luxurious and refined way.

With the rise of electronic devices, the 3mm thick cushion internal lining is the highlight for functionality which can provide good protection for your daily electronics.



Obbi Good Label uses thick fullgrain cowhide leather for this collection of leather bags. Leather hides were tumbled in tannery to produced evident natural grains as well as soften the hides during the process. All our leather bags will have a unique look even they are made from the same leather hide because it is impossible to find identical surface on naturally-formed grains.

Aging will developed after some time of usage, which you will notice the surface grains smoothen out and the leather starts to become shinier.


Full 100% Cowhide Leather, Elephant Grey
Tumbled, Visible unique grains on surface
Leather thickness around 3 to 4mm, firm and soft feel
Polyester Cushioned Lining of 3mm thick, Perforated
Taped internal seams, Base stitched and riveted
Single YKK Excella Zipper top, with leather puller
Full brass hardware, Nipple rivets
Full edge dyed and sealed
OGL Logo Concho in Brass
Adjustable Cottonduck sling: 70 to 125cm
OGL Logo Concho in Brass
Measures (cm): 35 x 25 x 13

1 x large separator with snap buttons
2 x medium separator
1 x zipper compartment

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